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Supply of Early Education and Center-Based Care, 2012

  0-2 3-5
DFSS Child Care Only
DFSS EHS/HS Center-based
381 16,364
289 882
CPS Preschool For All
N/A 22,923
Child-Parent Center (CPC)
N/A 1,774
Community Partnership Program Birth-3
3,102 N/A
Total supply of center-based care
3,772** 41,943
* For ages 0-5
**Does not include non-DFSS and OPF EHS grantee sites

Supply of Early Education and Center-Based Care

The following table displays the number of children eligible but not currently served in Early Education and Center Based Care. It should be noted that these figures are merely an approximate indicator of community need. Many parents work non-traditional hours and cannot address their child care needs through traditional child care programs. Surveys of parent preferences indicate that some percentage of parents do not want center-based care or early education programs for their children. Finally, while these numbers compare the eligible population and the supply of programs in a given community, it is clear that the utilization of early education and center-based care is not limited by community boundaries. Although most people prefer child care that is close to their homes, children regularly attend child care outside their communities.

Children Eligible But Not Served in Early Education and Center-Based Care, 2012

  0-2 3-5
Head Start eligible population 39,643 37,110
Less existing utilization of EHS/HS
638 17,623
Children eligible for Head Start but not served in Head Start programs 39,005 19,487
Subsidy eligible population 35,420 37,047
Less existing utilization of IDHS certificates in center-based care
4,623 5,995
Children eligible for subsidies but not using IDHS certificates in center-based care 30,797 31,052

Additional Slots Needed for Universal PFA, 3-5 year olds, 2012

Number of 3-5 year olds 106,067
Less total existing utilization of center-based care
Total slots needed to serve all 3-5 year olds 65,809

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