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Supply of Early Education and Care, 2019

  Infant & Toddler Preschool
DFSS Child Care Only
Center-Based Care
5,454 33,919
DFSS EHS/HS in Community-Based Organizations
2,428 6,702
DFSS Prevention Initiative Programs (Birth-3)
3,026 N/A
DFSS Preschool for All in Community-Based Organizations
N/A 5,795
CPS Preschool for All School-Based
N/A 21,422
Family Child Care Homes (FCCH)
103 86
Home-Visiting/Home-Based Care
2,536 219
DFSS EHS/HS in Community-Based Organizations
864 219
DFSS Prevention Initiative Programs (Birth-3)
1,672 N/A

Start Early (Ounce of Prevention) Programs, 2019

  Infant & Toddler Preschool
Supply in Start Early Programs
444 696
Start Early EHS/HS Center-Based Care
168 456
Start Early EHS/HS Home-Based Care
276 240

Supply of Early Education and Center-Based Care

The following table displays the number of children eligible but not enrolled in early education and center-based care. These figures are approximate and likely an overestimate of community need. This is because many parents work non-traditional hours and cannot address their child care needs through traditional child care programs and not all parents may prefer center-based care or early education programs for their children. Additionally, while these numbers compare the eligible population and the supply of programs in a given community, utilization patterns indicate that the choice of early education and center-based care site is not limited by community boundaries.

Children Eligible But Not Enrolled in Chicago Early Learning Center-Based Care, 2019

  0-2 3-5
Early Head Start/Head Start eligible population 23,993 25,317
Less existing utilization of EHS/HS in center-based care
1,804 5,462
Children eligible for Early Head Start/Head Start but not enrolled in Early Head Start/Head Start in center-based care 22,179 19,722
Subsidy eligible population 21,475 21,283
Less existing utilization of child care subsidies in center-based care
7,404 9,000
Children eligible for subsidies but not using child care subsidies in center-based care 14,065 12,099

Additional Slots Needed for Universal PFA, 3 and 4 year olds, 2019

Number of 3 and 4 year olds 66,945
Less total existing utilization of center-based care
Total slots needed to serve all 3-4 year olds 41,966
Note: All numbers are point-in-time calculations from fall 2019 (school year 2019-2020).

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