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Early Education and Center-Based Care Slots

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Supply of Early Education and Center-Based Care, 2017

  0-2 3-5
DFSS Child Care Only
DFSS EHS/HS Center-Based
1,585 10,987
DFSS EHS-Child Care Partnership Center-Based
0 N/A
DFSS Ready to Learn Center-Based
OPF EHS/HS Center-Based
160 456
CPS Preschool For All School-Based
N/A 12,782
CPS Preschool For All Community-Based
N/A 6,445
Child-Parent Center (CPC)
N/A 2,602
Community Partnership Program Birth-3
4,716 N/A
Total supply of center-based care**
6,461 33,915
* For ages 0-5
**Does not include non-DFSS and non-OPF Early Head Start and Head Start grantee sites

Supply of Early Education and Center-Based Care

The following table displays the number of children eligible but not enrolled in early education and center-based care. These figures are approximate and likely an overestimate of community need. This is because many parents work non-traditional hours and cannot address their child care needs through traditional child care programs and not all parents may prefer center-based care or early education programs for their children. Additionally, while these numbers compare the eligible population and the supply of programs in a given community, utilization patterns indicate that the choice of early education and center-based care site is not limited by community boundaries.

Children Eligible But Not Enrolled in Early Education and Center-Based Care, 2017

  0-2 3-5
Early Head Start/Head Start eligible population 23,534 26,931
Less existing utilization of EHS/HS
1,961 11,258
Children eligible for Early Head Start/Head Start but not enrolled in Early Head Start/Head Start programs 21,573 15,673
Subsidy eligible population 20,289 20,215
Less existing utilization of child care subsidies in center-based care
6,565 7,756
Children eligible for subsidies but not using child care subsidies in center-based care 13,724 12,459

Note that the number of children using subsidies may be larger than the number eligible due to changes in the income threshold to CCAP over the course of the year. Children above 50% FPL who were in the program under the 185% FPL threshold may still be enrolled.

Additional Slots Needed for Universal PFA, 3-5 year olds, 2017

Number of 3-5 year olds 100,597
Less total existing utilization of center-based care
Total slots needed to serve all 3-5 year olds 71,783
Note: All numbers are point-in-time calculations from fall 2017 (school year 2017-2018).

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